website design & development

With so many websites on the Internet, having a website and comprehensive online presence for your business has never been so essential. By focusing on a design that promotes your brand and boosts search engine results, we create layouts that are both attractive and functional. As one of South Africa's leading web design agencies, we pride ourselves on the design services we offer to a range of legal firms, medical fields and tourism industries.

While paying close attention to aspects of usability, ergonomics, layout traditions, user habits and navigation logic, we at Personalised Promotions design websites with the user in mind while reflecting your personal brand image in a well-designed, visually attractive and functional website.

After design, the web development process is one of the most important steps in building a website. The website development process involves the coding and building of the website's structure. Doing this step right will mean that your website is mobile accessible, responsive and easy to navigate.

While many companies may offer cheaper websites, these websites are not built up to standard and come with a range of problems. As a leading web development company in South Africa, we at Personalised Promotions take pride in developing each website to ensure easy navigation, quick responsivity and functionality are optimised so that your potential clients will find you online with ease.

Unlike other web development companies, we don't stop at web design and web development. We believe that an effective and successful online presence is created when integrating creative graphic design, comprehensive web design & development, professional copywriting, search engine optimisation, social media marketing and regular website maintenance. That's why we offer all these services and more.

Personalised Promotions is highly experienced in the design & development of standard websites, content and document management systems, Wordpress and e-commerce websites.