Email Marketing Campaigns

An email marketing campaign involves sending out a newsletter to your existing or prospective clients.

There are two main ways of doing this:

  • Using Microsoft Outlook and your list of contacts to send out the campaign using a programme called Send Personally. Our team is able to design and build the HTML newsletter for you and set it up on your computer.
  • Using a free paid web service such as Graphic Mail on In this case, you will be in control of designing your newsletter on the website and we can set it up so that people can register for your newsletter on the website.

A well-planned email campaign is a key element of any marketing strategy, and it’s an ideal way of communicating with clients, and building relationships. They are also a useful means of gathering useful data and getting feedback on your marketing efforts.

In order to maintain effective email marketing campaigns, it’s important to pay particular attention to the type of audience you are trying to reach. Our team is able to help you to do any relevant research, and to advise you on the best strategy for your business.