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Marketing specialists and promoters are always on the look-out for branded clothing items that are wilfully and repeated re-used by the people who received them. This is the signature of a successful promotional clothing campaign: the ‘free advertising’ your brand gains by this continual exposure. Studies show that the best products to raise this kind of brand awareness are the most versatile ones, making custom printed bags a natural choice. Bags are incredibly useful items, that travel with their owners, spreading the message of your company’s name and logo wherever they go. Whether you are planning promotional push for your company, hosting a conference, or perhaps are involved in an outdoor event, we have a wide range of custom bags available.

We have sports bag options as well as more formal ones which would suit an office context extremely well. Our day backpacks are compact but spacious, with two shoulder straps for maximum comfort. Our backpacks are larger, and we also have a mid-size crossover backpack option as well. Our more business-orientated options include conference bags, which have ample space for a laptop, documents and stationery, and attractive sling bags (also available in canvas).